23 Pretty Makeup Ideas For Summer

Some rules should be applied in summer: a light foundation, or no foundation at all, nude lipsticks instead of dark colors, and lots of bronzer or highlighter. If you limit yourself to using the most important products, we guarantee you a perfect tan and make-up.

Summer is fast approaching, and now is the right time to take inspiration from a fresh and modern summer make-up. Let’s see how you can make your face shine and extend the duration of your makeup.

Metallic hues in summer are more than welcome. Even for everyday clothes – you can certainly make yourself shine under the summer sun. Pink gold on your eyes and lips will enhance the beauty of a glowing make-up.

Bold for the Summer

If you’re going to an elegant event, such as a wedding, engagement or birthday party, you can afford to look like this. A little stronger make-up should be reserved for special occasions. Intense sunlight can melt makeup, so be sure to put on a good layer of primer and fixer.

Gold Hues

Is there anything better than golden hues in summer? We don’t think so. Gold on the eyes, gold highlighter, as well as lip gloss, will make this make-up shine! It is suitable for everyday life as well as for special occasions. You should try it!

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