7 tips on how to fix your makeup after an ugly cry, so that no one knows it

There is no better feeling than leaving the house knowing that everything is in order. Your hair is perfectly coiffed and your make-up is radiant and amazing. Even your winged eyeliner, which may tend to be your enemy, is sharper than a knife. You get to work climbing onto the roof of a cosmic makeup experiment and you realize that you are faced with too many tasks and not enough time and, on top of that, you could learn a damning news that will make you burst into tears. Before you know it, your perfect cat eyeliner flows down your face in a wave of tears.


We’ve all been there. Life can be stressful and emotional, and while there is no weakness in a solid crying experience, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your confident beauty when you’re overwhelmed. So take a deep breath and try one of those tricks to make up after a crying session the next time the raccoon’s eyes rise.

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