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All About Cotton Sateen Sheets

Cotton sateen sheets are a staple of high-end bedding. Pleasant to the touch, breathable and easy to care for, cotton sateen sheets are becoming increasingly popular. It’s hard not to fall for this exceptional fabric, which is often overlooked by the public. Want to know more about cotton sateen before you buy your next bedding? 

What is cotton sateen?

In order to have quality sheets that are durable and long-lasting, the choice of material is important. Like everyone else, you may think that satin is a type of fabric. But it is not, it is a weaving technique! Hence the existence of different types of satin such as cotton satin, polyester satin, silk satin… Cotton satin is a fabric designed with longer cotton fibers. It is obtained through a dense and very tight weave. Thanks to its weaving, cotton sateen is distinguished by its satin, soft and silky appearance.

The advantages of cotton sateen sheets

Made with a high quality fabric, cotton sateen sheets have several advantages. First, they are very silky and extremely soft. Thanks to their delicate touch, you will enjoy an incredibly soft bed for a better quality sleep. Second, unlike silk, cotton sateen does not slip.

In addition, cotton sateen sheets are suitable for all seasons. They provide comfort in winter because the weaving technique used keeps the body warm. On the other hand, they can be used very well in summer thanks to their breathable properties. Another advantage is the splendor of the silk cotton sheet. Unlike other materials, cotton sateen will not leave any marks on your skin in the morning! Finally, with its denser weave, cotton sateen is very easy to iron. An essential point to go faster in your daily tasks.

How to care for cotton sateen sheets?

After you have purchased your cotton sateen sheets, it is advisable to wash the cotton sateen sheets before using them. Prefer a cold wash at 30°. No product is necessary. Then, for the next washings, you can wash them in machine at 40°. Also read: https://mamanbonsplans.fr

It is recommended to air dry them. However, if you must use the dryer, you must subject the sheets to a moderate temperature to preserve the fibers. To keep your white sheets looking great, you can pour a little white vinegar (about 200 ml). This will also soften the sheets to enjoy their splendor even longer!

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