The 4 Best Multicooker Brands in 2022

The multicooker? An all-in-one appliance that allows you to cook all kinds of dishes easily and quickly. There are several models on the market. But the most interesting brands in 2020 are the following.



Moulinex is one of the best small appliances such as multi-cookers and blenders. It designs appliances that are both innovative and reasonably priced. The flagship models of this brand are the Cookeo CE7041 and the Cookeo connect.

The Cookeo CE7041 model

It is a cooker with a 6-liter tank and a power of 1200 W.

The Cookeo CE7041 offers 6 cooking modes. These are: slow cooking, steaming, browning, keeping warm, reheating and pressure cooking. This last one allows a faster cooking than a classic pressure cooker (up to 5 times faster).

This model also offers 4 intuitive modes.

First, the “manual” mode that allows you to set the time and cooking mode.
Then the “recipe” mode which offers the possibility to choose between the 100 recipes pre-programmed in the device.
The “favorite” mode allows you to access your favorite recipe in one click.
And finally the “ingredient” mode which cooks vegetables, meat… automatically.
The Cookeo connect
A device with a reduced capacity of 2.5 liters, but with a power of 1600 W.

As its name suggests, it is possible to connect to the device with a smartphone through Bluetooth. In fact, all you have to do is download the “My Cookeo” application.

The hundreds of pre-programmed recipes are accessible from a smartphone (or tablet) and are illustrated by thousands of photos. In addition, this application informs, in real time, about the cooking process.

This model offers 6 cooking modes, namely the 5 of the previous model without the keep warm. The sixth mode is the simmering mode.

The menus proposed by these 2 Cookeo models are the same.


A Philips multi-cooker is recognized as being versatile, precise, economical, elegant and space-saving. Among the models offered, 2 stand out.

The HD3167/77 model
This is the flagship model of the Philips brand in terms of multicookers. Even if its capacity is 5 liters and its power is 980 W, this device guarantees a fast cooking.

16 cooking modes are available on this multicooker such as steaming, browning, yogurt program.

It does not have pre-programmed recipes, but it comes with a recipe book. It also offers a delayed start up to 24 hours.

The cooking time is also manually programmable and varies from 5 minutes to 12 hours.

Model HD3198/77
Like the previous model, its capacity is 5 liters, but its power is 860 W.

Not just 16, but 21 cooking modes are offered by this device. It allows you to prepare perfectly, among other things, pizzas and yoghurts.

It is also capable of stewing, steaming, boiling and even roasting and baking.

Delayed start and keep warm are also included.

The great thing about this appliance is that it is WiFi enabled. It is easily controlled with a smartphone. Thus, it is possible to monitor the cooking from a distance.

Several pre-programmed recipes are available on this multicooker. However, other recipes can be added via WiFi or via a USB key.

The great thing about the Redmond multicookers is that they offer nearly 40 programs in total. The flagship model is the Redmond RMC-M90.

The RMC-M90
This model has a capacity of 5 liters and a power of 860 W.

It has 45 programs, 17 of which are pre-programmed and 28 of which can be programmed manually. The keep warm and the delayed start are of course part of these programs.

Like all Redmond models, the RMC-M90 has a 3D heating system. The advantage of this system is that it offers a homogeneous cooking.


The brand stands out by offering multicookers with induction heating.

The Cook Expert

This range is the best-seller of the brand. It has a bowl of 3.5 liters and a power of 1700 W.

It offers 12 automatic programs and one manual program, 13 functions and 18 speeds.

Apart from the induction system, the Cook Expert stands out from other multicookers with its 13 accessories.

First of all, there are 3 transparent tanks for food preparation (chopping, mincing, grating, etc.).
Then, another thermo tank for cooking.
A steam basket, a white beater, a spatula and a kitchen scale are also part of the accessories.
A metal knife designed for chopping fish and meat.
There are graters, slicers and a blade that mixes, blends, kneads, crushes ice, etc.

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