Decorate Your Parental Room in Cocooning Mode

Decorating the master bedroom means creating a cozy cocoon where you can relax. To make the most of this relaxing room, it must be comfortable. Each decorative accessory must be chosen with care to create a zen decor, with a cocooning atmosphere.

Modern, comfortable and elegant, the cocooning master bedroom invites you to relax and unwind. From furniture to lighting and decorative accessories, here are our tips to make your bedroom a real cocoon.

Candles and candleholders to create a cocooning atmosphere

A cocooning atmosphere means soft and soothing light. To make your bedroom a Zen room, it is absolutely necessary to avoid too strong lights. To complete the brightness of the room, install candlesticks and candles everywhere. You can place them on a piece of furniture like the dresser or the dressing table. These candles will bring a bohemian touch for pure relaxation. You will love the zen side of such a decoration. You can opt for different scents to vary the sensations. If you like to read, you should think about installing an accent light that you can turn on and off as needed.

Furniture and decorative accessories: choose soft materials

There is nothing better than soft and pure materials to create a cocooning atmosphere in a parental bedroom. To cocoon, you must rely on materials that bring softness and comfort. Natural materials such as wicker and wood are always preferred for furniture. For a zen spirit and an unequalled relaxation, bamboo is also a very good choice.

For decorative accessories, velvet, wool and linen are recommended for the bedroom.

Avoid strong colors such as red or orange for the master bedroom. We advise you to favor neutral colors. White is always a safe bet. To bring character to the room, you can choose shades of taupe and gray. Pastel colors are also in the spotlight.

A decor conducive to a cocooning atmosphere

If the whole house should be conducive to relaxation, the bedroom should be even more so! It is the room where we spend most of our free time and where we rest every night. The parental bedroom must be comfortable and warm. To create a cocooning style in your bedroom, you need to follow a few interior design rules. First of all, we advise you to put comfortable pillows on the bed. You can also install a sofa where you can rest quietly in the room. For cushions, linen is always a very good choice.


Then, don’t forget the carpet that always brings that cozy side we are looking for. Finally, do not neglect the lights. Bedside lamps are essential. For a cocooning room, the light garland is also perfect to light the room gently.

The glass roof for a bright parental room

A pleasant and perfect room for cocooning must be bright. To let the light in and create an even more elegant decoration, the glass roof is a very good idea. There are glasses adapted to the parental room that allow to preserve its intimacy while enjoying a good luminosity. The glass roof also gives the illusion of a more spacious room. Indeed, it is difficult to create a cocooning decoration and a Zen atmosphere in a cramped room.

Choosing the right bedding

Sheets, bedspreads and comforters also play an essential role in comfort and elegance. To create a relaxing atmosphere, it is advisable to choose cotton sateen, which has become a staple in high-end bedding. This material is characterized by its softness and breathability. In addition, cotton sateen is very easy to maintain.

Cotton or cotton sateen bedding like the sheet has several advantages. First, this material is very silky and soft. You will love to relax in it after a long day of work. With its delicate touch, your bed will give you a better quality sleep. Also, unlike silk, cotton sateen does not slip. In addition, premium cotton sateen or silk bedding is perfect in any season. It will bring you the comfort you need in winter thanks to the weaving technique used. Indeed, the weaving technique allows to keep the body heat. Moreover, it can also be used in summer thanks to its breathable side.

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