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Double Stroller: Two Seats in Front or single File?

Double stroller: two seats in front or single file?

Thanks to this accessory, walks with your little ones are more practical. Nowadays, you can choose between two models: two front seats or single file. Which stroller to choose?

The double stroller
As its name suggests, the double stroller is a model that can carry two children at the same time. This equipment is available in two versions: side by side or single file. The choice is made according to the needs and requirements of each person, knowing that the comfort and safety of the children are paramount.

Whatever model you choose, it is highly recommended to try it before buying it to be sure to make the best purchase. This will allow you to judge the maneuverability of the double stroller. Note that the number of wheels affects the performance of the equipment. The presence of three or four large wheels greatly facilitates the use of an all-terrain stroller. For an urban stroller such as a cane stroller, you need between four and six wheels at most. In all cases, the brakes must be highly effective.

The double stroller with two front seats
With this model of double stroller, the two children are placed next to each other. Because of this configuration, the equipment is rather bulky. Most of the time, it is difficult or impossible to get through some doors. It is an accessory that would be more suitable for outdoor outings, not involving moving from one room to another. The advantage of the double stroller with two front seats is that the children can interact with each other: it is a very friendly equipment that prevents them from being isolated from each other.

Be careful, if you opt for the double stroller where the children are installed side by side, make sure that it is compatible with the trunk of your car. It would be a shame to buy a model that, in the end, is impossible to fit in.

In fact, for all models, if you choose a stroller with a frame, make sure that the wheels can be easily removed for installation in the trunk of your car. For a minimum of space, opt for cane strollers that fold lengthwise (imitating the umbrella system). The most compact models can even be stored behind the front seats. However, make sure that the compactness does not impinge on the comfort of the children.

The double stroller in single file
With this double stroller, the children are placed one behind the other. The main advantage of the single-file model, also known as the in-line model, is that it takes up less space. With this equipment, you can easily pass through doorways and you won’t disturb pedestrians when you’re walking on the sidewalks in the middle of town.

In the end, it is your requirements that will dictate your choice. For more conviviality between your children, it is preferable to bet on a double stroller with two front seats, knowing that the space will be more important during the stroll. If you often walk in the city and in crowded places, and especially if you have to pass through doors during your outings, it is preferable to choose the single-file model.

In any case, comfort and safety should never be neglected. The seat should always be thick and padded so that your little one always feels completely at ease. The double stroller is an essential piece of equipment for parents of twins or children of similar ages (more information on the website cestmapoussette.com).

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