Renting Electric Bikes With Your Family: What You Need To Know

Riding a bike has always been a great activity for kids and adults alike. It’s no surprise that cycling is one of the most popular family activities. What could be better than a bike ride to get some fresh air, beautiful scenery and physical activity? Do the same activity but with an electric bike, of course!

The electric bike has come to broaden the horizons. Indeed, as it requires little effort, bike rides are no longer reserved to people who are used to it. Would you like to try the experience by going for a little ride with your family? Discover here some information about electric bikes to prepare yourself.

How to choose your electric bike

Before going for a ride, you must choose among the models offered by the bike rental company. If you rent an electric bike with your family, you must take into account these few criteria. Of course, the manager in the bike rental agency will help you choose the model that will suit you best.

Size and weight: Of course, there is the size of the bike and then its weight. It is important to know that an electric bike weighs between 17 and 25 kg (a weight that is quickly forgotten once it is in motion).

The battery: If you plan a long trip, you should choose a bike with a battery autonomy of several km. However, you should know that the real autonomy will depend on your weight or the level of assistance. Choose a model with a detachable battery that you can easily recharge.

What is an electric bike?

The electric bike is a bike with an electric assistance, you can rent a bike in Cannes on this site: https://www.energy-bike.fr/. You will still have to pedal like with a classic bike but your effort will be reduced because the electric assistance will increase your efforts tenfold. So, contrary to what some people may think, you will still have to pedal but you will be able to spare your efforts on the sand or on a tramontana or other difficult tracks. It is perfect for a family ride because even people who are not trained will be able to follow without problem, even for a hike of several km.

Thanks to the electric assistance, you will be able to make a long journey as it allows you to ride up to 50 km or more per day. The electric bike is perfect for the elderly, for those who do not practice a lot of sports or just for those who want to spare their efforts and spend some wonderful moments with their family.

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