10 Online Fabric Stores

Designing a beautiful garment is not only a matter of know-how. You have to take into account a few parameters. A garment must be beautiful to look at and especially pleasant to wear. It is therefore necessary to have some knowledge of materials before designing a garment.

Indeed, a wool dress is very chic, but it is not very appropriate to choose this type of fabric for the design of a summer dress. You have to follow the trends according to the seasons and find quality fabric, which is not always easy. We have listed for you the top 10 online stores offering the best fabrics on the market.

Charlie Coud

This is a Belgian site that offers beautiful quality fabrics. You can find some famous brands, others a little less, but overall, we can say that the quality is there. The proposed prices are quite interesting and it is possible to receive your package in a relay point. The little extra is that the site generally respects its delivery times.

“Charlie Coud” proposes to read some very interesting articles on sewing. Indeed, Liduvine, its author, is passionate about sewing, she puts her creations forward on your blog, as well as the good deals she finds on the web.

Her website : https://www.charliecoud.be/

A cat on a thread
It’s a French online store that offers different brands of fabrics. She has her own brand and her own collections of fabrics with various colors and prints. “Un chat sur un fil” is a real online haberdashery. You will find a little bit of everything: buttons, needle and sewing thread …

You will also find in this store different patterns and books to help you make beautiful clothes. The prices are quite attractive, but they can quickly go up depending on the quality of the fabric.

The website : https://www.un-chat-sur-un-fil.fr

Bridal Fabrics

Bridal Fabrics is an English store that offers fabrics for wedding dresses (laces, appliques etc).

The website is aimed at professional dressmakers who need quality fabrics by the meter to make their wedding dresses.

The website : https://www.bridalfabrics.fr/

The coupons of Saint-Pierre
This is the famous fabric store located in the heart of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. In order to be closer to its customers, it started selling online a few years ago. “Les coupons de Saint-Pierre” specialize in the sale of coupons of 3 meters, this is what has also made its reputation in this area.

The store regularly offers new products, and the quality of fabrics offered is always at the rendezvous. As for the prices, it is undoubtedly the store that offers quality fabric at the best price.

The website : https://les-coupons-de-saint-pierre.fr/


This is one of the first stores to start selling clothing fabrics. The biggest brands of fabrics of international fame are proposed in this store. “Cousette” also has its own collection, which it puts forward with very attractive prices. On the other hand, small and not so famous brands are also present in the store.

The prices are quite varied. You can make a very good deal on some varieties of fabrics especially during the sale periods. The site is quite serious and respects the delivery times.

The site : https://www.cousette.com/

Sacrés coupons

“Sacrés coupons” is a store specialized in the sale of high quality clothing fabrics. It offers various coupons of 3 meters which are generally of very good quality. On “Sacrés coupons”, you will find a very large quantity of fabrics with various colors and prints. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you are at the right address.

The price of the fabrics is very competitive compared to its competitors. To get a good deal, you just have to visit the site regularly and look out for the promos.

The site: https://www.sacres-coupons.com/

Pretty mercerie

This is one of the fabric stores to have a very nice reputation on social networks, especially on Instagram. Every week, a new collection is highlighted. We rarely find the fabrics offered on “Pretty mercerie” at its competitors.

The quality has a price! We do not come on this site to make good deals. When you are looking for a very good quality fabric, you should not think about the price.

The site : https://prettymercerie.com/


This store is quite well known in the world of sewing. It offers a wide range of fabrics at very attractive prices. New products are offered every week, that’s what makes this store so attractive.

If you like a pattern, place your order quickly, because the site is very visited and a product never stays in stock for long.

The site : https://www.bennytex.fr/

Lulu the firefly

This is the store that specializes in fabrics with fancy prints. If you specialize in children’s clothing design, you are at the right address. If you are looking for something original, take your time, you are bound to find a design that meets your expectations among the hundreds of brands that display their products on the site.

You can find all the major fabric brands on this site. That said, the price is a little higher than the competition, but quality comes at a high price.

The site: https://lululaluciole.com/

Eglantine and Zoé

This store offers their own collection of fabrics. It is a brand very well known by dressmakers. All the products are made in France, so the quality is good. It is the right address for those who are looking for fabric with original patterns.

As it is a range of fabrics made exclusively in France, the prices are a little higher than the average.

The site : https://www.eglantine-zoe.fr/

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