The 6 Pastry Accessories That I Particularly Like

In the kitchen as in pastry making, it is important to be equipped with all the necessary material to carry out preparations of all kinds. Indeed, it is not only the ingredients that count. To succeed in a cake recipe, no matter how simple, you need all the right tools: kitchen scales, piping bags, silicone molds, and of course, the famous rolling pins. When I have a little time on my hands, I put on my apron to transform myself into a pastry chef. Among the essentials, I have listed the utensils that I use every time.

1) The pastry scale

As I mentioned first above, the kitchen scale is the most useful for me. I can’t start without weighing each ingredient. The wrong amount of ingredients can affect the taste, texture and consistency of the mixture. It is important to respect the weight of the ingredients so that you don’t mess up your pancakes, quiche lorraine or cookie dough. Then, I don’t use it only for pastry, but also for the dishes I cook. In short, I can’t do without the scale in the cooking area.

2) The measuring glass

After the scale, there is the measuring glass. In fact, these two are complementary since the measuring glass is used to measure the quantity needed for a specific recipe. This utensil is based on the principle of test tubes with graduations that define the volume of each ingredient. This container is therefore made of a transparent material to facilitate the dosage, according to the measurements indicated.

3) The pastry bag

The famous piping bag is also one of my favorite pastry tools. I’m a neat freak and I don’t tolerate mess in the kitchen. Thanks to the pastry bag, I can measure the quantity without putting cream everywhere. It is mainly used to garnish your desserts, whether with whipped cream, custard or chocolate. As long as you handle it well, it’s easy to make a nice presentation.

4) The moulds

Before putting any pastry in the oven, you need a mould. The shape of this utensil varies greatly depending on the type of pastry to be baked. For your cakes, muffins or cupcakes, the silicone baking pan will do the trick. Its large surface is made to accommodate a large volume of prepared dough.Otherwise, to make small cakes, the baking pan will be offered in sets. For silicone models, the colors are varied. Therefore, the waffle mold will be sold individually and is characterized by its small squares spaced by a slot.

Since the advent of silicone molds, I have put aside the traditional molds. In addition to being non-stick, silicone is easier to wash and the batter doesn’t stick to the bottom whether there is enough butter or not.

5) The pastry spatula

The pastry spatula is used to scrape the bottom of containers. It has many names in the culinary field: flat licker, dough picker, cat’s tongue, flexible spatula, ratrucheuse in Picardie. In any case, it performs all these functions. When I make homemade ice cream, its stainless steel blade works wonders for topping and glazing. I also sometimes use it for my breakfast pancakes.


So that’s my list of top accessories for making great pastries. While browsing the web, I found some great finds on the store Au Fourneau, where you can find a large selection of pastry utensils that are as beautiful as they are practical. I highly recommend this specialized store, whether you want to decorate your table, find a kitchen appliance, buy kitchen utensils, or even find fun and original clothes for couples who love cooking. In short, this is my online reference store, because it gathers everything I need in this field.

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