Sport at home: we tested 5 free applications

Sport at home

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In this period of confinement, there’s no question of playing team sports outside. You can, however, practice a physical activity in your living room. It is even essential and there are apps to motivate and help you.

The days are long? Teleworking and childcare eat up your free time? Your gym membership is in brackets and your running shoes are in the back of the wardrobe? Difficult to keep in shape?

Don’t panic, you can always do sport. The French Ministry of Sports recommends “A minimum of one hour of dynamic physical activity per day for adults and 30 minutes per day for children and teenagers”. No fitness equipment or weight training is indispensable. A bottle of water can be transformed into a dumbbell. A smartphone is no more so but specific applications exist by the hundreds to motivate oneself.

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