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Travelling With Baby: What To Do for His Health?

Health is the first of all riches. This is especially true when it comes to your little treasures. To travel with peace of mind, it is therefore essential to take a first aid kit with you. How to put it together? Follow the advice of a seasoned mom.

Traveling with baby

The most important advice

If you like to travel and discover distant lands, choose a doctor who understands you from the start.

It’s always best to entrust your health and that of your children to someone you can tell everything to.

This way, your doctor will be able to know your baby’s health from the very first months and will be able to follow its evolution.

Also, decide where you want to go in advance. This will allow you to prepare for mandatory vaccinations for you and your baby in certain parts of the world.

If you are going abroad, it is ideal to be able to make a list of French-speaking medical facilities in your host country.

This may seem extreme, but it makes a lot of sense. It is essential that communication be maintained in order to receive proper care.

In addition to health, you need to make sure your baby is comfortable, bathed, in bed, and so on!

The basic first aid kit

The first thing you will need in your first aid kit is a basic kit. You will therefore put in the first aid kit.

It will include first of all the necessary for the bandages (disinfectant, healing, cotton, compress, plaster).

A boo-boo happens so quickly! You will add tweezers for splinters and sun cream to avoid sunburn.

Physiological serum is also essential to remove a grain of sand in the eye or to clean baby’s nose.

Finally, the thermometer is a must have. Get one on the website Thermometrefrontal.fr.

Traveling with baby

The special travel pharmacy kit
Whatever your destination, you’ll need the following list to complete your basic kit:

  • A medicine against light diarrhea and all other diseases related to digestion
  • An antipyretic such as paracetamol in case of fever or pain
  • An insect repellent spray, but also a soothing cream in case of bites or stings
  • A medication to counter motion sickness if your baby suffers from it
  • Special sore throat lozenges
  • The special baby medicine kit

Your baby has specific needs. Therefore, you will need to carry the following list especially for your baby:

  • A spray bottle
  • A diaper rash cream
  • A baby fly
  • Talcum powder
  • Rehydration solutions in case of diarrhea.
  • How do you fit these into a kit?
  • First of all, it is essential to have a special travel medicine kit. It has the right size, is practical and solid.

Then, some tricks are necessary to be able to introduce the essential travel health.

Choose the formats of medicines intended for travel. If this is not possible, decant your liquid medicines (antiseptics, syrups…) into travel bottles.

Also remember to remove the cardboard packaging from your medications and wrap the blister packs with tape. When possible, opt for capsules, as tablets do not tolerate humidity.

Traveling with a child means being pragmatic and organized. Don’t hesitate to compartmentalize your kit with ziploc in order to better find your way around.

Don’t forget your diaper bag to put all the useful things during the trip, because the luggage sent to the hold will not be accessible during the trip!

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