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How to Build a Children’s Treehouse?

To make your child’s dream come true, you have decided to start building a tree house for him. But you have no idea how to do it. In the following lines, discover the steps and techniques related to the construction of a tree house.

Building an indoor treehouse

If you are going to build an indoor hut, you can opt for a fabric tent, like a teepee with an Indian style. This is the most affordable of all types of cabins. It’s also quite functional, as it can be set up quickly and stored away when not needed.

Before you build it, think about where to put it first. The best place is in your child’s room, in a corner under the stairs or in a dressing room. Then, determine the shape and size of the tree house (the capacity) that you envision. Next, gather the materials you need. In general, you will need 6 sticks of 1.8 m in length and 20 mm in diameter, a 5*9 m cotton or canvas fabric (pink for girls and blue for boys) and a 1 m rope.

Children’s hutTo begin construction, drill a hole about 15 cm past the end at the top of each stick. Tie the sticks together by threading the rope through the holes and unfold them to form a hexagonal.

Next, cut the fabric into 6 triangle pieces. Take one piece and divide it into 2 for the door. Next, sew the triangles together. Hem the top and bottom of the assembly. Attach the fabric to the sticks with strings on the inside.

Finally, personalize the teepee to suit your child’s needs and tastes, for example by putting in a mattress, pillows and colorful garlands.

Building an outdoor tree house
For an outdoor space, opt for a wooden cabin that matches the style of your home: chic, bohemian, rustic, design, etc.

Before starting the work, gather boards, joists, rafters, cleats, plywood sheets and the necessary tools (such as a hammer, screwdriver, nails and hinges) and draw up a plan for the cabin.

The work begins with the base of the cabin. To do this, put the joists in place and cover them with flooring.

Then, fix 4 cleats on the 4 sides of the floor, spacing them from the edge according to the thickness of the walls. Then, install the rafters used to serve as crosspieces and screw the floors serving as walls to each other starting from the bottom to the top.

For the roof, put in place rafters for the frame. Then, lay 2 sheets of plywood to form 2 slopes and cover them with bitumen roll.

Finally, proceed to the finishing touches by making shutters for the windows and making a wooden door.

Once the work is finished, let your children decorate and furnish their cabin.

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